about the artist

I love creating timelessly elegant wedding florals that tell a couple's love story. Seeing your faces on the wedding day once all the stress is gone ( and you can actually take in the beauty of the florals) makes me so happy. We want our florals to be that special touch on the wedding day that you cherish along with your loved ones for a lifetime. To be able to do this, I'm very proud of stepping out and intentionally growing my business relationships-because I've always been more of a listener than a speaker.

Growing a business was quite challenging than I expected, but also much rewarding. Family wise, I am based in the beautifully quiet town of North Port, Florida with my dear family. Snuggling with my three kids in the morning, gardening, dreaming with my husband, and hearing my kids as they tell they want to  be floral artists too-these kinds of memories I want to help you remember on your day, too.

how i started

My company started with an attraction to wedding and event industry. As a human being I have always felt emotions along with others and cried along with the couple getting married. When I was a little girl I would always love to see bride when she walked down the aisle—my favorite moment. Later on, when I started my professional life, it was a huge step to find the confidence to try out my artistic talents. I am so very grateful for two of my dearest friends who encouraged me to put my talents out there. I began to create wedding and event decor as well as flowers for a variety of celebrations, but it was overwhelming to design for so many styles & events. I wanted to make the best use of my time and talents, so I decided to focus just on florals—and I am happier than ever.