My August Favorites

I am so excited to talk about my FAVORITE August flowers!

As a woman, I have a lot of favorites in every area of my life :) simple as that, but today I would like to talk specifically about flowers that I really love working with. 

Quicksand Rose: we see it all over Pinterest and Instagram , I just LOVE this blush tone.

Spray Hot Pink Roses: those are simple lovely spray roses that you can enhance any bouquet or arrangement with.

Burgundy Dahlia: Oh how I love Dahlias!!! In fact, they grow in almost everyone's yard up North, but not here in Florida :(, but I am so happy that we still have a luxury to enjoy them for Weddings and Events :)

And last but not least beautiful and amazing foliage( greenery) that adds that whimsical and organic touch to an arrangement!

That's it for today, I hope you enjoyed this short snippet of information and if you have your favorites pleases do share with me in the comments below. I really would love to know what your preferences of gorgeous blooms.


Inna OlimpiyukComment