Two ways Bridal Bouquet

Your bridal bouquet can be created in  a variety of ways with so many options of different styles and types of flowers.

Today, I am showcasing two of my favorite ones I was able to design last month. 

First one is European style with lots of lush greenery, which I love and adore so much!

Second one is hand-tied bouquet, I used same type of flowers, but without greenery. I love this one as well, but once the beautiful greens are out it gives totally different look and feel of the bouquet.

So whenever you think which style of the bouquet to pick, go after your overall style and desire for the whole wedding. There are so many ways of how to pick your style of the wedding, but this is for another post.

On a side note, I photographed these myself. I used my "simple" camera and with a few helpful or should I say a lot of tips and tricks from my photographer friends who are gems in this industry, these images made it to my blog today. 


And let me know which style is your favorite?




Inna OlimpiyukComment