Top 10 Wedding Flowers in 2016

I am very grateful for 2015 and thankful for amazing couples I got to meet and be a part of their weddings. 

I do believe 2016 is going to be  incredibly purposeful. In the past few years I had decided to choose a word of the year. The word I picked for this year, is "Intentional"!

I am aiming to be more intentional in many areas of my business and personal life. With that being said, I would like to share more of what IOE brand stands for and educate more and more couples and even other fellow floral artists on Wedding Flowers and Floral Artistry. 

I thought about this topic for a long time, in fact I've been putting off way too long. There are a few reasons why this blog post hasn't been published before. One of them and the biggest was fear. I think we are all familiar with this, what if no one will read it, I thought to myself.' However, I have decided to go ahead and take some pictures and create a post. Even if it will inspire only one bride then my heart will be full 💗


The flowers I chose to be my top 10 wedding flowers in 2016 are ranging in seasons and shapes. There are so many other gorgeous  blooms that are not included in my post. However, the list of flowers I decided to share with you is my favorite and I hope you will fall in love with some of them too! 

1. Hellebore

Hellebore is my favorite flower up to date and I hope it will stay for a long time. 

They are available  from November through May and are perfect for your wedding.

I think the biggest reason I love hellebores  because of their attractive cup shaped flower with delicately patterned petals. Hellebore stems are short, but each each stem has 4-5 blooms which creates this organic free flowing look that we all love it. Let's talk about colors, hellebore has three different colors: soft white, pale lime, and mauve. 

2. Ranunculus

Ranunculus also have other common name as they say Persian buttercup. I personally never used it, but it's such a cute name and it definitely resembles a buttercup.

They are available most of the year, but its peak is from December through May. Ranunculus are perfect for a spring bride, the delicate, papery flowers look amazing in bride's bouquet or even centerpieces. The color range of this lovely buttercup( see this name is growing on me :) ) has some lustrous tones of white, lemon, yellow, orange, peach, pale & dark pink, red, burgundy.

I personally love ranunculus for their almost perfect rosette flower head shape and stem that creates this wild organic feel to the arrangement. 

3. Peony

Peony has earned pretty dominant place in weddings with its large luxurious blooms and stunning sweet fragrance.

Peonies are available from April through June and they are at its finest during the season. However, there is always summer somewhere around the world, right?! If you have decided to have a fall or winter wedding your wedding florist still should be able to find peonies for your wedding.

I love peonies for their great variety of colors: white, cream, lemon, rose pink, deep pink, coral, crimson, burgundy.


4. Scabiosa 


This type of bloom I would definitely include in my organic feel flower  list.

Scabiosa is available most of the year, but the season really runs between June to October.  Scabiosa is a perfect flower for a summer bride with its lovely colors of creamy white, pale lilac, sky blue, and deep burgundy/brown. 

What I love the most about Scabiosa it's the texture of the bloom. This amazing flower has delicate papery petals surrounding a hard "pincushion" center of the bloom. 

5. Garden Rose 

This is the world's favorite flower! It is also the most likely requested from my brides.  

Garden Roses are available year round! I personally love that this flower comes in all colors and shades including green, but not true black or blue. 

Also, this bloom is very fragrant and ruffled elegant petals  make my heart sing every single time. 

Here's the list of my favorite varieties: 

Patience  - Cream

Darcey- Red

Juliet- Peach

Princess Charlene- Blush 


6. Dahlia 

This gorgeous bloom is considered a fall flower.  

Dahlias are available July through November  and ranging in great variety of lovely colors. The ones that  are the most in demand are white, deep burgundy, and my favorite cream/blush. 

What I love about dahlias is of course its paperthin and beautifully shaped petals with my favorite variety pictured below Cafe Au Lait. 

7. Blushing Bride 

 This beautiful shaped flower is available during the summer, but sometimes you can find them during winter months as well.

The blush/cream  colors can be paired with any bold or pop colors of the bride's bouquet.

8. Spray Rose 

These incredibly gorgeous blooms are available year round and they are ranging in all colors and shades with the exception of blue and black.  

What I love most about spray roses that there's 4-5 blooms on a stem and when they are fully open they look amazing! 

My favorite variety is called   White Majolica  with cream tones.  

9. Rose

I just had to include regular rose on my list of favorites. Here is why,  there are so many beautiful varieties and tones that open up and look simply stunning. 


As as a general rule for roses, luckily for us they are available year round and ranging in all colors and tones excluding true black and blue. 

My favorite varieties are ( I hope to add more of them this year): 

Polo- ( looks like garden rose and is highly fragrant) 


Quick Sand

Earl Grey


10. Lilac 

Lilac, is definitely a spring flower. Actually when I have this bloom in my studio, I get nostalgic about my childhood and country I grew up in. Its frothy and highly fragrant flowers with heart- shaped leaves will definitely enhance a spring like reception hall. 

Lilac peaks March through April,  with lovely range of pure white, pale lilac, deep lilac, pale pink colors.  

I hope you liked my selection for this year.  I always strive to learn more about gorgeous fleurs and researching different varieties. If you loved this post and would like more of it, let me know in the comments below.


Jus a side note, my company is located in Florida and we don't have any flowers growing here or peak seasons for them, but we always waiting when they are at their best in up north states.