Atlanta Fleurs & Biz Training Gateway

This past October I flew in to Atlanta for some fleurs and business training. Can I just say, it was one of the biggest highlights of 2015!


I followed Shanna from for a while. I really loved reading her stories and  how she was helping entrepreneurs and ladies alike to grow their businesses. It was a no brainer for me to contact her, so we can make some shifts and tweaks in my business.  


So the date was set and ticket booked. While we were emailing back and forth, Shanna mentioned that we might meet at an amazing floral studio of Amy Osaba Events. Amy is one of many great flowerprenuers I follow on Instagram. So I knew I had to have at least a few hours with her to improve my floral design skills( always strive to educate yourself!).


To say that day in Atlanta was simply fun is just an understatement. It was almost everything I could imagine.  

My day started at 3 am ( never done flights in and out in one day). Atlanta airport was as busiest as ever at 7:30 am, I have never imagined it will be so hard and navigate it there and find that car rental place. At last I got safe to my destination and finally met with amazing Shanna. We got down to all nitty gritty and created a plan that I still have to work on. The experience I had working with her was exactly what I imagined. She really got to know me and my business. Because we were focused on all things business we even forgot to take one photo together( I guess next time it is!).

After business training I got to meet Amy, her team, and see her oh sooooo amazing floral studio( such inspiration right there!). I'm so glad for the time I had with Amy and the fact that we had Haley from to photograph lush florals was beyond everything. 

On the way to the airport my phone died ( that was literally terrifying), I was on a crunch to get there on time, I had all these emotions overflowing my heart. Even though, I was super tired, my heart was content and happy from all the experience I had with these two ladies and soo thankful for their knowledge!


I hope you enjoyed my short traveling story.