Bridal Florals

Happy New Year my friends!


We start this year with new events, dreams, and lots lots of gorgeous blooms.


to change your life, you need to change your priorities”



I am pretty sure most of us want to change for the better if not the best starting January, but how do we prioritize or choose what’s important for us. I believe it all starts with lots of prayer, pen and paper. This year, I am using my powersheets and it really does help me to cultivate my goals and see my dreams become a reality. I will post all of my goals once I finish powersheets. ( no matter how intimated I am, I have a feeling I need some extra accountability partners, and is you my friend!) 


 Powersheets make matters happen and living on purpose instead by accident (


Last year, I’ve been dreaming to create bridal florals in studio. However, in a wedding world where you have to create an elaborate styled shoot with many amazing vendors involved, it is hard to create something that is you!


Don’t get me wrong, I love, love, love styled shoots, but I also believe every styled shoot has to be intentional and curated with a full heart of love for what you do. You have to ask yourself many questions before even getting started, more on it some other time. 



With that being said, last October I had an opportunity to work with amazing Shanna from She really helped me to intentionally decide what really matters for IOE brand. I longed for something minimalistic still elegant that will focus what IOE stands for, Lush Meaningful Blooms


So, Bridal Floral Series were created! 


I truly hope to bring more of these series and inspire others!








Model: Michelle