The Floral Studio

I dreamt of having a floral studio at home for as long as I have started my own business back in 2010. Although, I have been working in this space for almost three years now, I never shared it in a form of a blog post ( and because it wasn't completely done :) ). Last year, I have decided to show my brides where their florals get created for the Wedding Day and to inspire other floral artists!

I started my studio vision with my Love for white colors, clean, elegant look and Pinterest of course which was mostly to see how other floral designers utilize their spaces. The only two items that were created specifically for this floral studio was my dream working table and white shelves that I already owned, but didn't use it. Everything else,  just needed some reorganizing and find better place in my studio. 

After completion of decorating and some organizing I  have my three absolute favorites in the studio. The #1- is spacious white working table,  #2 -white tall shelvings for organizing and storing beautiful vessels,  and #3-white linen sofa where I LOVE to relax and take my breaks ( definitely need that!).

For as long as I remember I wished to have a perfect working table. I had a few inspirational images, but with a help of my amazing husband who is civil engineer and a general contractor in the area( he drew and constructed ) it came even better than I imagined. It is perfect in every way. It works great for my hight and is really spacious a few people can work on it at the same time. Even though, the front and  sides of the table are completely covered, I have so much storage room in the back which is so great for me as a  florist, all of my supplies within the reach.

White shelves was my top priority, plus I already owned them, we just had to make some tweaks( there are two tall shelving units from IKEA and four white shelves from Hope Depot secured in the middle that my awesome husband made it).  With a help of my two friends Tanya and Olya ( You can't build a business only by yourself and I do admit that. You Need and Army of Supportive, Loving People), I decided to showcase the beautiful vessel inventory and my floral books.

My last favorite piece in the studio is white linen sofa. I purchased this gorgeous sofa about 2 years ago for my office and it has been traveling room to room in my home until it ended up in the studio. In fall and winter months here in Florida I Love opening my garage doors, drink some tea, read my favorite books and magazines ( reading is one of my Favorite things to do in my free time), dream about your beautiful wedding flowers, and simply relax on this comfortable sofa.

Also, I want to say huge thanks to my amazing friend, encourager in this entrepreneurial journey, and Fine Art Photographer Lana of Lana Ponomarenko Photography. 


I hope to create even more lush and gorgeous  weddings in this beautiful studio for many more years and thank you for reading my story!