Still Floral- Welcome to the world!

I can't believe this day finally came and Still Floral is here! I am sooo excited to take you on my journey. This name is very very special to me.


I started thinking to change my name back in July 2016 when I was traveling all over US. I was very excited, but my fear was right there with me. I thought the idea was interesting, but to actually make it work or is it even worth it? When any change comes to our lives it's not easy, you are not sure if its a good decision, you doubt yourself. But something within you pushes you for that one step. And after a few small steps, announcing on social media a few times, talking  with industry friends, and praying a lot, I realized this is something that once was just as an idea or a thought that ran through my head become more real. Now, I love this feeling that comes with a new change and I get very excited about it.

Honestly, when I finally sat down to jot down some names. I thought it will be an easy process, from ten names I'll just pick one of my faves, I'll change it everywhere legally, then spruce up my website and maybe in month we will be good to go. Ummm no! It took me  quite a while in fact months and months and if you trying to finish something before holidays, so it's ready for the New Year, not a chance at least in my case.

I loved that this process took this long. It made me think way differently about my company, where I want to go and who I want to serve. It made me think deeper and in ways I didn't even expect it and I am glad I took time for it. So, when I fist sat down to jot down names, oh boy it is funny now when I look back at it! I had ideas, but I just didn't love or even like them. It wasn't me, it was somebody else's names, even though they were available, but not for me. I wanted something that was easy to remember and associated with flowers. I had way over fifty names and scratched  them all up. At this point, I doubted myself, I prayed and cried. I felt the change needs to be done, but didn't see the name that had my heart.

That same night, I just couldn't sleep, when your creativity is on, you can't stop!! So, I started to look on Pinterest.  When I want to get inspired, I don't pin flowers( I do pin them in fact only to see, how it's positioned so I can get better at my photography skills, but it's another story) what I usually pin are places that I could stay forever in or objects that are different and not related to wedding industry particularly. So, I started pinning something that was related to my heart! And this happeneed!


I thought to myself I can look at this for hours and hours if I'd be around water and trees and motionless huge mountains I could just breath and be present and enjoy God's nature! And I could be "STILL" Yes, it just hit me! I loove this word because it is truly who I am, I love being still and surrounded by mesmerizing nature and be present!


After a while I started thinking how all this can resonate with couples I want to serve. This time again I go back to Pinterest and do more researching. Back in the summer time I created a new board and named it "rebranding"  and pinned a few images that were different from designs or styles that I usually created, but it was so beautiful and special to me. So after clicking and finding out more about these images that I pinned way before that word came to me and realizing that these were actual paintings from 1600s- 1800s that were the collection of "still life" movement by an amazing dutch painters. It definitely showed me why I chose first part of my name to be STILL.


The second part of this beautiful name that already had my heart was pretty easy for me, Floral resonated with my company on so many levels, So, Still Floral was born! I am so happy to finally give this name a home and nurture it and see where it is going to take me! Welcome to the world- Still Floral


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